1. 15:45 29th Jan 2014

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  3. violent boredom.

    I haven’t had a weekend off in quite some time, so I did the responsible thing and flaked on a project I was supposed to be committed to all weekend and work tomorrow.  Oops.  Whatever, I needed the time off.  I was getting overwhelmed and losing my head because I can’t compartmentalize for shit.  So I spent the past couple days doing nothing.  Big mistake.  I think that just made me more anxious and stuff. 

    I seriously can’t win.  Either I overwhelm myself or I bore myself.  There’s no happy medium for me.

    At least I got a chance to masturbate and take this picture of my ass.

  4. 15:53 4th Dec 2011

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    I’ve got a mind for business and a body for sin…

    Well, sort of.  I guess I’m starting this tumblr so I can expose the complexities of my mind to a bunch of people I’ll never meet in person.  That entails posting sexy naked pics of myself from time to time, fleshing out some convoluted crazygirl thoughts, and being an overall cynical asshole.

    I’m a college student in a dense, hectic city.  I fully support “not giving a fuck” as a way of life.  I’m bisexual, with a preference for the ladies.  I find humor in the most inappropriate circumstances.

    We’ll see how this progresses.